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September 2014


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Georgia`s ruling party proposes to suspend pre-election campaign

06.08.12 19:48

The United National Movement ruling party of Georgia has proposed to suspend the pre-election campaign in the country for two days with regard to the 4th anniversary of the August war, which took place in 2008.

One of the leaders of the ruling party Mikheil Machachavariani said all kinds of agitation, including meetings with voters, TV or video commercials and others should be temporarily suspended.

Mr. Machavariani called on all the political parties to join the initiative and with this pay tribute to the soldiers fallen in the war.

Several political parties have responded to the United National Movement`s proposal and joined its initiative.

Georgia fought a brief war with Russia in August 2008. The war broke out in August 2008, when Russia crushed an assault by Georgia`s U.S.-trained military on the pro-Russian rebel region of South Ossetia, launched after fatal skirmishes with separatists and months of Russian baiting.

South Ossetia, a tiny region of about 30,000 people declared independence after the war, but remains heavily dependent on Moscow`s financial help and military protection.

South Ossetia, which has run its own affairs with Russian backing since the early 1990s, is recognised as independent by only a handful of nations, including Russia.

There are some 13,600 displaced persons living in Georgia in a total of 14 settlements.

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The autumn session of parliament opens today

02.09.14 10:00

The autumn session of the parliament of Georgia opens with a meeting of the bureau, this time in Tbilisi. The Tbilisi office of the parliament was reconstructed and the lawmakers have moved from Kutaisi to the capital, however, the parliament speaker says the major sessions will be held in Kutaisi office sometimes.More...video clip 

NATO mulls over setting up training center in Georgia

02.09.14 14:28

NATO may set up training center in Georgia - Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced at the last briefing held before the Wales Summit.More...video clip 

Lavrov slams Rasmussen for his statements on Ukraine

02.09.14 14:43

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has slammed the NATO Secretary General for his statements made on Ukraine`s crisis. Lavrov says that the statements made by Rasmussen on Ukraine`s crisis mostly exceed his competence. More...video clip 

What happened on the Samos Island, Greece?!

02.09.14 16:53

The members of the United National Movement say they have no information about halting a yacht carrying ex-president Mikheil Saakashvil in Greece.More...video clip 

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Boris Akunin thinks about emigrating from Russia

02.09.14 15:28

Georgian-born Russian writer Boris Akunin thinks of moving from Russia. Akunin has posted on his blog that many people think to emigrate from Russia due to its military intervention in Ukraine.More...video clip 

Russia intends to alter its military doctrine

02.09.14 14:59

Russia plans to alter its military strategy - deputy secretary of Russia Security Council Mikheil Popov has said. Popov defined that the developments in Ukraine and NATO`s presence in Eastern Europe, as well as its anti-missile defence plan makes Russia change the military doctrine and make it more precise.More...video clip 

Four inmates go on hunger strike in Kutaisi prison

02.09.14 14:17

Four convicts at the Kutaisi prison have gone on hunger strike. Reportedly, one of them has even sewed his mouth and eyes in protest. The protestors call for the prosecutor`s office to revise their cases, asserting they are not guilty in the crimes, for which they were convicted.More...video clip 

Occupants release three peaceful civilians

02.09.14 14:12

Three peaceful residents of the Shida Kartli Region, who were arrested last week by the Russian occupants for alleged crossing of the so-called border line of the occupied Tskhinvali Region, have been released today.More...

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