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September 2014


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Batumi hosts OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Economic Conference

12.05.12 20:17

Some 200 delegates of 40 countries assembled at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Economic Conference in Georgia`s Black Sea town Batumi today. President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili addressed the guests at teh conference.

Saakashvili spoke about the geopolitical situation in the country, the Russia-Georgia relations and invited foreign legitimate observers for the forthcoming parliamentary elections in the country.

"We have elections now in October. It`s very important on teh one hand for the Georgian credentials but is has also huge security dimension to it and OSCE is an organization for security and democracy at the same time. And it has security dimensions to it because in parallel to our elections, our northern neighbor has called for big trainings of their troops exactly in parallel time of our elections, they moved it one month later or two months later, they would usually do it in summer... politically it makes nonsense.. I mean because if you do such things, you only help your adversary to win elections right? Unless there is some plan to illegally follow up or deliver on your threats. That`s why we need as many observers as we can get", he said.

Mikheil Saakashvili and OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President Petros Efthymiou discussed the monitoring of pre election preparations in Georgia at the face-to-face meeting in Batumi.

Petros Efthymiou also discussed important political issues at the joint press conference with Chairman of Georgia`s parliament Davit Bakradze. Petros Efthymiou confirmed the organization`s support to Georgia`s territorial integrity and said "the OSCE mission on Georgia`s territory should be re-established".

Russian delegates also commented on the issues of Georgia`s occupied territories and Russia`s role in the conflicts at the summit. Andrei Ilarionov, the former adviser to Russian president Vladimir Putin slammed the president`s policy saying "the program of the Russian authorities to change the acting political regime in Georgia is still in force". He said along with the latest corrections in Russia when Putin was sworn in as a president for the third term legally and for the fourth actually, provocations against Georgia and the Georgian authorities may intensify.

All the issues discussed at the Batumi summit will be summed up in a resolution which will be adopted by the OSCE at the summit in Monaco planned for July 2012.

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Economic Conference is Batumi is supposed to last for two more days.

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People stands in queue waiting for meeting with Tbilisi mayor

11.08.14 11:51

People have formed a queue outside the office of the Tbilisi mayor - Davit Narmania is already in office and will start receiving the residents of the capital to learn about their concrete problems. The line of people waiting for their turn is very long.More...video clip 

Ninigori village has no drinking water for 20 years

11.08.14 11:10

There is a village in the Lagodekhi municipality of the Kakheti Region, which has not had drinking water for past twenty years. The residents of the village rallied today calling upon the municipal government to solve this problem along with the deficit in power and gas supply. More...video clip 

Mayor`s assistant`s driver beaten up

11.08.14 10:55

The driver of Tbilisi mayor`s assistant has been beaten up, reportedly, by his colleagues. Zaza Gogoladze was hospitalized after the incident that occurred outside his place in the Varketili district last night.More...video clip 

Group of extorters arrested

11.08.14 10:00

Police have arrested a group of extorters. Two of the four detainees are women. According to the investigation, the suspects used to obtain the material describing private life details of the citizens ...More...video clip 

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Bildt responds to Georgian officials

08.08.14 17:27

Swedish Prime Minister has responded to the statements made by Georgian politicians on filing charges against former president Mikheil Saakashvili for the third time. More...video clip 

Two Georgian soldies presented with apartments

08.08.14 17:17

Two military servicemen who participated in the Russia-Georgia War in 2008 received apartments today. Chairman of the Adjara Autonomous Republic Government Archil Khabadze and Deputy Defence Minister Vako Avaliani transferred the keys of new apartments to Corporals ...More...video clip 

Landslide blocks up traffic on Rikoti Pass

08.08.14 15:27

Landslide has blocked up movement on the Rikoti section of the main motorway today. The Infrastructure Ministry has reported that the movement has been partly suspended, however, the road department brigades have been already started the road cleaning works to provide resumption of traffic as soon as possible.More...video clip 

PM defines reasons for not publishing letter sent by U.S. Senators

08.08.14 13:57

The Prime Minister of Georgia has defined the reasons for not publishing the letter sent by four American Senators. The letter was sent on August 1st and it was published by the newspaper Tabula only yesterday.More...video clip 

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