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August 2014


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MIA comments on the controversy of Global Contact Consulting

22.06.12 16:19

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Eka Zghuladze has made definitions regarding the new legislative initiative tied with the availability of information in pre-election period and the arrest of the store of the Global Contact Consulting Company, which is suspecting of vote-buying by installing satellite antennas to subscribers for free. The fact has been assessed as vote-buying and under the motion of the prosecutor`s office; the court ruled that the store would be sealed until the investigation is over.
Deputy Minister defined at the briefing today that neither the act of sealing, not the new legislative initiative should be assessed as restriction of the freedom of speech for media sources, but as the attempt to eliminate any attempt of vote buying.
`Yesterday, the police arrested the satellite antennas of the Global Contact Consulting Company under the court ruling as the investigation on the cote-buying was launched. This act has nothing to do with the availability of media, freedom of speech or etc. The fact is tied with the attempt of handing over a material property to voters prior to the parliamentary elections by specific political figures - which is assessed as a vote-buying and should be punished according to law. We have a zero-tolerance policy and a very clear approach to any attempt of vote-buying or election rigging prior to the parliamentary elections. It does not mean that any political subject becomes the subject of interest, but it means that there will be no compromise while enforcing the rule of law. On the other hand, the government of Georgia is open for any new idea, if it allows us to make pre-election environment more open and fairer,` Eka Zghuladze said.

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Construction of new military complex launched in Akhalkalaki

14.08.14 14:20

Construction works for the Basic Combat Training (BCT) Center have started in Akhalkalaki. Minister of Defence of Georgia Irakli Alasania and Chief of General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces Maj. Gen.Vakhtang Kapanadze put a time capsule in the clip 

IMF approves $140 mln loan to Georgia

14.08.14 13:48

The International Monetary Fund has approved a 153 million U.S. dollar loan to Georgia - the issue was discussed at the meeting of the Cabinet, at the end of which, the Minister of Finance, Nodar Khaduri defined that the total amount of the loan would be transferred to Georgia during 3 clip 

Government launches pilot draft of agriculture insurance

14.08.14 13:29

The government of Georgia will allocate five million GEL from the state budget to fund the new program of agriculture insurance - Minister of Agriculture Otar Danelia announced after the meeting of the Cabinet clip 

22 years since the beginning of war in Abkhazia

14.08.14 11:36

August 14 is marked in Georgia as the day when the war in Georgia`s breakaway region of Abkhazia started. On August 14, 1992, at the village of Okhurei, Ochamchire district, the `Abkhaz Guard` created by order of the chair of the Supreme Council of Abkhazia clip 

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Medvedev`s Twitter account was hacked

14.08.14 11:18

Russian Prime Minister`s Russian language twitter account was apparently hacked last night and someone, who took control of the account, announced his clip 

Teachers send a letter to Prime Minister

14.08.14 11:12

The employs of the National Centre for Teacher Professional Development call on the Prime Minister of Georgia to reject the decision of the Minister of Education on dismissing the centre director. Minister Tamar Sanikidze took a decision clip 

Businessman Kodua questioned by police

14.08.14 10:58

Businessman Davit Kodua was questioned by the law enforcers at the Vake district police stations last night. Kodua was answering the questions of the police for a few hours regarding the details of the assault on him a few months clip 

Saakashvili comments on new charges against him

14.08.14 10:00

Mikheil Saakashvili says the new charges filed against him by the Georgian prosecution is `simple basic fakes`. Georgia`s former president has posted on his Facebook page briefly clip 

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