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July 2014


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John Malkovich performs in Tbilisi

14.09.11 21:20

Hollywood star John Malkovich performed on the stage of Rustaveli Theatre in Georgia`s capital Tbilisi on Wednesday. The actor has been performing the Infernal Comedy - Confession of a Serial Killer in different countries of teh world during the last three years.

Before the performance started, John Malkovish held a dress rehearsal in teh Rustaveli Theatre.

In the performance, a dead serial killer returns to the stage to present his autobiography in a public reading. According to the scenario, Malkovich`s character kills 11 women.

John Malkovich turned out to be quite taciturn with journalists. At the press conference on Wednesday morning he told media that he rarely watches his own movies. The actor also said he knew nothing about the Georgian movie and theatre and even apologized for that, although added he knows anything about eh German or U.S. movies as well. He said the main object of his interest during the trip was Georgia, as the country of the Silk Road.

Two famous sopranos - Martene Grimson and Kirsten Blaise - also take part in teh performance, which is accompanied with classic music by the Vienna Academic Orchestra.

John Malkovich arrived in Tbilisi on Tuesday. He saw the sights of Tbilisi with the mayor of the city. Later he visited Gabriadze Theatre Cafe late last night and drank Georgian wine there. The supper accompanied by the Georgian folk songs lasted an hour at the cafe. Afterwards, the star moved on the cafe veranda.

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Christians celebrate Easter`s Holy Fire ceremony

04.05.13 19:50

Thousands of Christian worshippers celebrated Easter`s Holy Fire ceremony at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem today.More...

Georgian experts to monitor Oshki church in Turkey

18.04.13 13:36

Delegation of Georgian Ministry of Culture and experts will visit Oshki church in historic Tao-Klarjeti, Turkey, today. The delegation arrived in Turkey a few days ago to monitor restoration and cleaning works on Ishkani church, which they said was conducted improperly causing damage of ancient clip 

Georgian delegation left for Turkey

17.04.13 10:00

The first official meeting of the working group of Georgian and Turkish experts will be held in Turkey today - the official delegation of the ministry of culture left for Ankara this clip 

Day of Mother Tongue marked in Georgia

14.04.13 17:57

The Day of Mother Language is celebrated in Georgia today. The day is annually marked on April 14. The date dedicated to Mother Tongue was determined due to 1978 events.More...

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Results of expedition to Ishkhani monastery complex presented

13.04.13 20:32

Before Georgian specialists arrive in Turkey to monitor Iskhani monastery complex, rehabilitation works should be suspended there, head of the National Center of Manuscripts of Georgia said.More...

Deputy Minister of Culture leaves for Turkey

11.04.13 10:00

Deputy Minister of Culture of Georgia Marine Mizandari has left for Turkey today. She plans to hold negotiations with the Turkish counterpart regarding the threats that the Ishkhani Church is facing due to incompetent clip 

Ancient frescos damaged at Ishkhani, Turkey

10.04.13 10:05

Restoration works of the Ishkhani Georgian church in Turkey are conducted improperly - according to the recent reports, the negligence and incompetence of the people working on the cultural monument on the historic clip 

Ensemble Rustavi plans to hold concerts in occupied regions

09.04.13 17:17

State-funded folk ensemble Rustavi plans to hold concerts in Georgia`s two occupied regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali - the conductor of the ensemble Anzor Erkomashvili said in the interview with Russian newspaper Izvestia. clip 

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