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September 2014


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President, government members arrive in Guria to attend traditional game

15.04.12 17:58

President of Georgia and government members arrived in the village of Shukhuti of Guria region in Western Georgia to attend a game of Leloburti, the traditional Georgian folk sport there.

Tens of tourists were also in the village watching the game.

The tradition is observed in Guria every Easter during the last three centuries.

About 300 people were participating in the game today.

Georgian president arrived in Shukhuti with his family.

Saakashvili with his family also visited the Imnaishvili family in the town of Lanvhkhuti in Guria today. They congratulated on Easter to teh family and brought presents.

Lelo or Leloburti (meaning literally in Georgian "Field Ball") is a Georgian folk sport, which is a full contact ball game, and very similar to rugby. In fact, even within Georgian rugby union terminology, the word Lelo is used to mean a try, and the popularity of rugby union in Georgia has also been attributed to it.
Lelo was played in Georgia from ancient times and is still played on occasions in rural areas.

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Bagrati Cathedral not delisted as World Heritage in Danger: UNESCO

19.06.13 19:54

Bagrati Cathedral has not been delisted as UNESCO`s world heritage site in danger, representative of the organization said in her phone interview with Rustavi 2 Georgian TV-channel. More...

Culture Minister comments on inspection of National Musical Center

10.06.13 16:22

Minister of Culture of Georgia Guram Odisharia has denied the reports about intention to dismiss the director of the National Musical Center Nikoloz Memanishvili. Minister downplayed the reports about inspection conducted at the musical center and defined that the special commission is only probing into the work of the center...More...video clip 

Muslims not let into village to say prayer

31.05.13 20:20

Representatives of Administration of Muslims of All Georgia were not let by locals into the village of Samtatskaro of Dedoplistskaro district in Eastern Georgia, where they intended to say a Friday prayer today. More...

Prime Minister hosted guests at Bazaleti complex

27.05.13 11:20

Special event was held on behalf of the Prime Minister of Georgia at Bazaleti tourist complex on the Independence Day on May 26. Prime Minister hosted Patriarch of Georgia, lawmakers, workers of art, sportsmen and foreign diplomats. More...video clip 

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Patriarch, Patriarch`s administration condemn May17 violence

23.05.13 11:11

Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II condemns the violence that occurred on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi on May 17, when the LGBT rally was dispersed by the worshippers and protestors of a counter-demonstration. More...video clip 

Orthodox Christians mark Saint George`s Day

06.05.13 10:54

The Orthodox Church of Georgia marks the St. Giorgi (George) Day on May 6. Georgian Catholicos Patriarch Ilia II will conduct a holy mass at the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi.More...video clip 

Christians celebrate Easter`s Holy Fire ceremony

04.05.13 19:50

Thousands of Christian worshippers celebrated Easter`s Holy Fire ceremony at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem today.More...

Georgian experts to monitor Oshki church in Turkey

18.04.13 13:36

Delegation of Georgian Ministry of Culture and experts will visit Oshki church in historic Tao-Klarjeti, Turkey, today. The delegation arrived in Turkey a few days ago to monitor restoration and cleaning works on Ishkani church, which they said was conducted improperly causing damage of ancient frescos.More...video clip 

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