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September 2014


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President meets Georgian Olympic Team

23.07.12 18:35

President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili met with the Georgian national Olympic team at the president`s palace before their departure to London and wished success to them.
`You will have great competition and we`ll have great emotions for your victory. Georgian man is the warrior, who does not lose the hope to win even in t he most difficult situation; we have chances to win in all games - we should only try. Around the world, many people recognize that despite many problems, Georgia is taking leading positions and so we should be in sports,` President said.

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GOC objects to information on LOC website

25.07.12 10:16

Georgian Olympic Committee objects to the data of the sportsmen published on the website of the London Olympic Committee, because the occupied territories of Georgia are mentioned there as Russian regions.More...video clip 

Famous Base Jumper Leaps off Georgia`s 4,300 m Ushba Peak

10.07.12 20:45

Well-known Russian BASE jumper Valery Rosov, twice world champion in parachute jumping, leaped off 4,300 m mountain in a wing suit in Georgia. He jumped off Ushba, which one of the notable peaks of teh Caucasus Mountains. More...video clip 

New district to be constructed in Tbilisi

07.07.12 20:47

Implementation of another grand project has been launched in Tbilisi. A new district will be constructed in the viciniy of Vazisubani, the suburban district of Georgia`s capital Tbilisi. More...

Super Cup finals to be held in Tbilisi in 2015

01.07.12 13:40

In 2015 the match will be held at the Mikheil Meskhi Stadium in Tbilisi, Georgia, UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino said at a press conference in Kyiv on Saturday.More...

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Tbilisi 2015 - Olympic Festival logo presented

26.06.12 17:00

Presentation of the logo of the Olympic Festival Tbilisi 2015 was held on the Rose Square in Tbilisi today. Over 500 sportsmen participated in the theatrical performance, which was organized by the Tbilisi government, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, Olympic Committee and the Tbilisi 2015 organization committee.More...video clip 

Dusan Uhrin junior arrived in Georgia

22.06.12 11:04

The newly appointed chief coach of Georgia`s most prestigious football club Dinamo, has arrived in Georgia. Dusan Uhrin Junior arrived in Tbilisi late last night. The team will begin its first training under the new coach in two days. The club is preparing for a new season. The team has planned a three=phase cycle of preparation for the new season. Dinamo footballers will be trained on the training base in Tbilisi, afterwards they will exercise in Bakuriani resort and at the end, the sportsmen will leave for Slovenia. `I arrived in Georgia two years ago, because my father worked in Dinamo then. Dinamo is a popular team and we hope to improve the achievements of past years,` Uhrin told journalist at Tbilisi airport. More...video clip 

Saakashvili expresses sorrow over famous footballer`s death

21.06.12 19:07

Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili expressed his sorrow and offered his condolences to the family of famous Georgian footballer Ramaz Shengelia, who died today of sudden hearty attack at the age of 55.More...video clip 

Ramaz Shengelia dies of heart attack at the age 55

21.06.12 11:44

Famous Georgian footballer, one of the best forwards in Georgian football, Ramaz Shengelia died of sudden hearty attack at the age of 55.More...video clip 

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