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September 2014


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IRI publishes new study on Georgia

25.07.12 15:42

International Republican Institute has published results of a new study conducted in Georgia - the survey was conducted in the beginning of July and it describes mood of the country`s population about the political processes, their approach to elections and their opinion about politicians.

According to the study, Georgian president is still leading among the political leaders with the support of the 73% of the respondents, who assess his activities positively.

When questioned about the parliamentary elections if they were held the next Sunday, 43% of the voters answered  National Movement and Mikheil Saakashvili; Georgian Dream - 24%; Christian Democrats - 7%; none - 5%; DK/NA - 19%.

On the following question - If presidential elections were held next Sunday and these candidates participated, whom would you vote for?, the votes were distributed as follows: candidate of the National Movement - 37%; Bidzina Ivanishvili - 24%; Giorgi Targamadze - 7%; none of these - 6%; DK/NA - 21%.

The international study also describes confidence in state institutions. Most of the voters trust the army, police, president`s administration, government and parliament.

54% of the respondents believe the things in Georgia are going into the right direction.

The greatest problem for Georgian citizens is still unemployment, next is lost territories, economy, social problems and poverty.

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President arrived in the disaster affected Dariali Gorge

21.08.14 14:31

The President of Georgia arrived in the disaster affected Dariali Gorge, where he met with the four ministers observing the response activities at the site. Giorgi Margvelashvili observed the construction infrastructure destroyed by the mudslide and flood that hit the remote region of Georgia last night.More...

Georgian private named as the best soldier in Afghanistan

21.08.14 14:17

Georgian military serviceman was named as the best soldier in Afghanistan for his devotion and successful accomplishment of assigned tasks. Private Levan Margvelani from the Special Mountain Battalion was named as the best soldier by the ISAF Command. More...video clip 

Davit Bakradze makes definitions for Prosecutor`s Office

21.08.14 12:29

Georgian prosecutor`s office has filed criminal charges against Davit Bakradze yesterday - one of the leaders of the United National Movement, former speaker of the parliament of Georgia, Davit Bakradze is accused of deliberate forging of the data in property declaration and legalization of illegal incomes.More...video clip 

Details of the case against Hermes ritual bureau to be reported later

21.08.14 11:54

The details of the allegations against the Hermes Funeral Service Bureau will be arguably reported later today - the officers of the investigation service of the ministry of finance carried out inspection in the office yesterday and took away documents for further investigation. More...video clip 

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Court due to hold hearing on former law enforcer`s case

21.08.14 11:36

Tbilisi City Court is due to hold hearing on the case of Giorgi Dgebuadze - the former chief of the military police department`s division of the staff of Georgian armed Forces. Dgebuadze is accused of premeditated murder...More...video clip 

Prime Minister makes statement on last night`s disaster

21.08.14 11:00

The Prime Minister of Georgia has made a special statement regarding the landslide that hit the Dariali Gorge late last night. According to Irakli Gharibashvili, the landslide was triggered by torrential rains and flood, after which two men of the personnel working on the road cleaning in the tunnel are now missing.More...video clip 

Torrential rain triggered landslide in Dariali Gorge

21.08.14 10:00

Torrential rain triggered landslide in Georgia`s remote region of Kazbegi - the disaster affected the 134-th section of the Mtskheta-Stepantsminda-Larsi motorway late last night.More...video clip 

Energy Minister rules out growth of power tariff

20.08.14 14:39

The Minister of Energy and Natural resources, Kakha Kaladze downplays the concerns of some opponents about the possible growth of the electricity consumption charge, saying the electricity tariff will not be changed.More...video clip 

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