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September 2014


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Trump hails Georgia`s progress

02.05.12 11:15

American billionaire and media magnate Donald Trump spoke about the impressions he got during the last visit to Georgia in t he telephone interview live on Fox News. Trump said it was an amazing country which was developing very fast and even hailed the tax system of Georgia saying the same system was very bad in comparison with the Georgian one.

`I was in the republic of Georgia over the weekend. You have to see a place that is booming and it`s unbelievable. This was a Russian satellite for a period of time and broke away. The leaders are going to that country to see what they are doing. They have everything, but one of the mysteries they are doing is that they are building a place - Batumi. It`s going to be one of the greatest places of the world in four-five years. I am doing a big job there, a big development there.

The presenters put question to the American billionaire about Georgian president. Trump said Saakashvili was one of the great leaders of the world right now.

`He is one of the great leaders of the world right now and leaders of other countries, major countries are going there to find out what he is doing,` Trump concluded.


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President holds meeting with MPs, Diplomats and experts

19.08.14 14:11

The president of Georgia is holding a meeting with Georgian lawmakers, foreign diplomats and political experts to share his vision on the structure and the mission of the National Security Council. More...

Organized crime gang arrested

19.08.14 14:04

The officers of Batumi police division detained three citizens of Bulgaria for misuse of computer data base. The investigation established that the organized crime gang illegally installed special devices, the so called skimmers on 5 ATMs located in Batumi in order to clip 

Saakashvili sends his suits to government

19.08.14 11:52

The United National Movement has sent Saakashvili`s seven suits and one coat to the government of Georgia. A courier delivered the clothes to the government`s administration today, but the chancellery department did not register the clip 

18 people arrested for misuse of agro-cards

19.08.14 11:42

The Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance has arrested eighteen people accused of misappropriation of state funds by performing counterfeit operations with the agro-cards issued by the government of Georgia for clip 

Vano's Show

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Comedy Show

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UNM member``s vehicle burnt down

19.08.14 11:28

Somebody burnt down a vehicle of Levan Baghashvili - a chairperson of the Dedoplistskaro regional organization of the United National Movement. The incident occurred last night. Baghashvili has assessed the incident as a political clip 

The temperature will rise up to 41°C

19.08.14 11:09

The temperature in the East of Georgia will rise up to 41°C for the first time this summer - weather forecast is the same for clip 

Orthodox Church marks Transfiguration of Jesus

19.08.14 10:00

On August 19 the Orthodox Church marks the day of Transfiguration of Jesus. The Transfiguration of Jesus is an event reported by the Synoptic Gospels in which Jesus was clip 

Hearing on Girgvliani`s murder case postponed

18.08.14 17:17

The hearing on the case of the murder of Sandro Girgvliani, one of the most high-profile murder cases of recent years, was postponed. The court expected to hear more details of the crime from defendant Oleg clip 

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