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August 2014


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President hails Hillary Clinton`s visit to Georgia

06.06.12 11:05

President Saakashvili has hailed the visit of the U.S. Secretary of State to Georgia and emphasized the results of the negotiations, which were achieved at the meetings held in Batumi yesterday. Mikheil Saakashvili made comments with Georgian media after the departure of the Secretary of State from Batumi. He said the recognition of the official documents issued by Georgian governments for the residents of breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia was a very serious decision, as many countries would soon follow the United States and the citizens of Georgia, who currently live in the conflict regions, would no longer need to take Russian ID cards to travel abroad.
`Several important messages were voiced today - first is the official announcement of the support by the U.S. government to Georgia`s defense, growth of its defensibility and the components, which is included in this program were officially determined today and this is very important. The second - America has recognized the documents, which we issue for our compatriots living in the breakaway Abkhazia and Tskhivali Region and this means that many other countries will soon recognize these documents and these people will be able to travel abroad without taking Russian passports, but only with the documents issued by Georgian government The third was the issue of parliamentary elections - it was said that the United States will send many observers, real observers to Georgia to monitor fair and free conduct of elections in Georgia so that its results will not be suspicious any more,` Saakashvili said.
President also hailed the beginning of the negotiations with the European Union about visa-free travel relations for Georgian citizens.

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People stands in queue waiting for meeting with Tbilisi mayor

11.08.14 11:51

People have formed a queue outside the office of the Tbilisi mayor - Davit Narmania is already in office and will start receiving the residents of the capital to learn about their concrete problems. The line of people waiting for their turn is very clip 

Ninigori village has no drinking water for 20 years

11.08.14 11:10

There is a village in the Lagodekhi municipality of the Kakheti Region, which has not had drinking water for past twenty years. The residents of the village rallied today calling upon the municipal government to solve this problem along with the deficit in power and gas supply. clip 

Mayor`s assistant`s driver beaten up

11.08.14 10:55

The driver of Tbilisi mayor`s assistant has been beaten up, reportedly, by his colleagues. Zaza Gogoladze was hospitalized after the incident that occurred outside his place in the Varketili district last clip 

Group of extorters arrested

11.08.14 10:00

Police have arrested a group of extorters. Two of the four detainees are women. According to the investigation, the suspects used to obtain the material describing private life details of the citizens clip 

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Bildt responds to Georgian officials

08.08.14 17:27

Swedish Prime Minister has responded to the statements made by Georgian politicians on filing charges against former president Mikheil Saakashvili for the third time. clip 

Two Georgian soldies presented with apartments

08.08.14 17:17

Two military servicemen who participated in the Russia-Georgia War in 2008 received apartments today. Chairman of the Adjara Autonomous Republic Government Archil Khabadze and Deputy Defence Minister Vako Avaliani transferred the keys of new apartments to Corporals clip 

Landslide blocks up traffic on Rikoti Pass

08.08.14 15:27

Landslide has blocked up movement on the Rikoti section of the main motorway today. The Infrastructure Ministry has reported that the movement has been partly suspended, however, the road department brigades have been already started the road cleaning works to provide resumption of traffic as soon as clip 

PM defines reasons for not publishing letter sent by U.S. Senators

08.08.14 13:57

The Prime Minister of Georgia has defined the reasons for not publishing the letter sent by four American Senators. The letter was sent on August 1st and it was published by the newspaper Tabula only clip 

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