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August 2014


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Sacked Georgian theatre director leaves for Odesa

29.08.11 18:15

Theatre director Robert Sturua plans to go on tour to Odessa, however, he does not specify the date of departure or arrival. Neither has he clarified for media at the video conference held at the Ria Novosty office in Tbilisi today, whether he would join the Et Cetera troupe, which has made a new job offer to him.

Robert Sturua also answered the questions of journalists regarding the real reasons of his dismissal from the position of the Rustaveli Theatre Art Director.

`I did not mean racism in the interview; I made definitions in this regard many times. They did not have a specific reason to sack me, so they accused me oh xenophobia. They usually do not sack people for the phrases like the ones I said, this is absurd. I was dismissed for my honesty, because I was honest in my statements recently and our government hates any kind of criticism,` Sturua said.

Robert Sturua was dismissed from the post of the Rustaveli Theatre Art Director on August 9. Minister of Culture Nika Rurua defined that the decision was motivated by the xenophobic statements of the director.


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Minister of Culture makes definitions about Rabati reconstruction

03.04.13 10:57

Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia says the statement by the president`s administration regarding the threats of destruction of Rabati Fortress in Akhaltsikhe town of Georgia are exaggerated and clip 

Controvery on restoration of Rabati Fortress

03.04.13 10:47

The restoration of the Rabati Fortress proposed by the government to president a few days ago has become controversial between the majority and the minority MPs. Opposition asserts that the new government of Georgia follows the instinct of destruction, as they want to destroy everything built by the previous government of the clip 

Statement by President`s Administration

02.04.13 17:22

Is Rabati castle facing a threat of demolition?! - president`s press speaker Manana Manjgaladze reported the details of the letter stamped as `extra-urgent` - the document prepared by the ministries of foreign affairs and culture refer to the reconstruction of the Rabati castle in Akhaltsikhe town of clip 

Russian church addresses Abkhaz side

29.03.13 11:14

Russian Orthodox Church has called on the breakaway Abkhazian government to follow the laws and regulations of the Georgian Orthodox clip 

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Speaker comments on scandalous letter

28.03.13 12:14

Speaker of the parliament of Georgia Davit Usupashvili has commented on the scandalous letter sent by Georgia`s foreign minister Grigol Vashadze to the Russian authorities asking support in holding concerts and other cultural events in Moscow briefly after the August war in clip 

Georgian PM congratulates local Muslims on Novruz Bayram

21.03.13 19:39

Georgian Prime Minister congratulated on Novruz Bayram that is Spring equinox to the Azerbaijani population of Georgia today. Bidzina Ivanishvili arrived in the town of Marneuli to mark the celebration with locals there. clip 

Bagrati Cathedral restoration project architect awarded gold medal

21.03.13 14:17

Architect Andrea Bruno has been awarded a gold medal for Georgia`s Bagrati Cathedral restoration project. The architect was awarded Domus Restoration and Reservation award 2012 at the third annual international conference in Ferrara, Italy. clip 

Quality Management Center to decide university`s authorization issue

20.03.13 19:32

A special agency is going to decide whether to restore an authorization for teh Agriculture University of Georgia or not. Education Minister Giorgi Mrgvelashvili addressed the quality management center today and called on it to learn the documentation sent by the university as soon as possible. clip 

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