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September 2014


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National flag lowered at Tbilisi City Hall

07.08.12 13:46

National flags were lowered at the Tbilisi City Hall today at the fourth anniversary of the Georgia-Russia war, which took place in August 2008.

The mayor commemorated the heroes killed in the war for Georgia`s independence. Gigi Ugulava also laid a wreath on the memorial to fallen soldiers on the Square of Freedom today.

Along with the mayor, representatives of the transport and the emergency services of the city also paid tribute to the memory of the fallen heroes.

4 days ago, by the Kremlin`s order a military operation for Georgia`s intervention started from the country`s occupied territories. Consolidation of military forces in occupied Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region started few weeks ago before the intervention. The Kremlin justified its intervention in Georgia with claims that Russian peacekeepers were attacked in Tskhinvali.

Despite the inequality of the forces, with endeavors of the Georgian military units, devotion of Georgian soldiers and support of the international community, the Russian intervention could be stopped.

Russia continues to occupy Georgia`s territories - Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region - and to try to achieve recognition of independence of the territories from different countries, but still with no results.

188 civilians, 168 militants and 16 police officers of Georgia were killed in the August war in 2008.

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President confirms disagreement with PM on specific issues

08.08.14 13:26

The President of Georgia has confirmed that he has disagreement on some of the issues with the Prime Minister. Giorgi Margvelashvili reviewed his cooperation with the other governmental institutions in the studio of one of the talk shows yesterday. More...video clip 

Defence Ministry wraps up to probe into August War details

08.08.14 12:11

The Ministry of Defence of Georgia has concluded to probe into the details of the August War 2008 - the Chief of General Staff of Georgian Armed Forces, Major General Vakhtang Kapanadze told journalists today. More...video clip 

Statement by the Prime Minister of Georgia

08.08.14 11:52

The official statement of the Prime Minister of Georgia regarding the 6th anniversary of the August War 2008 has been published on the website of the government of Georgia. Irakli Gharibashvili commemorates the heroism of Georgian soldiers...More...video clip 

The statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

08.08.14 11:42

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has released a special statement in regards with the sixth anniversary of the Georgia-Russia War in August 2008.More...video clip 

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Defence Minister met with Georgian soldiers in Afghanistan

08.08.14 11:29

The Minister of Defence of Georgia spoke about the tragedy of August War 2008 at the meeting with the Georgian soldiers serving within the ISAD mission in Afghanistan. Irakli Alasania pays a working visit to the country, where Georgian soldiers are ...More...video clip 

President pays homage to the heroes of August War

08.08.14 11:23

The President of Georgia was the first politician, who went to the Mukhatgverdi Brothers` Cemetery and laid wreaths on the memorial of the heroes fallen for the unity and freedom of Georgia. President Margvelashvili, Security Secretary Irine Imerlishvili and the Chief of Staff of Armed Forces, Vakhtang Kapanadze commemorated the fallen Georgian soldiers.More...video clip 

Politicians commemorate August War heroes

08.08.14 10:03

Six years have passed since the Russian military intervention into Georgian territory, which is called the Georgia-Russia August War. It was the most tragic five days in the recent history of Georgia, which killed 228 peaceful civilians...More...video clip 

President comments on the letter sent by U.S. senators to Georgian PM

07.08.14 18:12

President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili says the position of Georgia`s partners significant for the government of the country - this is how the president commented on the letter of four U.S. Senators sent to the Prime Minister, in which they express their ...More...

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