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September 2014


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National flag lowered at Tbilisi City Hall

07.08.12 13:46

National flags were lowered at the Tbilisi City Hall today at the fourth anniversary of the Georgia-Russia war, which took place in August 2008.

The mayor commemorated the heroes killed in the war for Georgia`s independence. Gigi Ugulava also laid a wreath on the memorial to fallen soldiers on the Square of Freedom today.

Along with the mayor, representatives of the transport and the emergency services of the city also paid tribute to the memory of the fallen heroes.

4 days ago, by the Kremlin`s order a military operation for Georgia`s intervention started from the country`s occupied territories. Consolidation of military forces in occupied Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region started few weeks ago before the intervention. The Kremlin justified its intervention in Georgia with claims that Russian peacekeepers were attacked in Tskhinvali.

Despite the inequality of the forces, with endeavors of the Georgian military units, devotion of Georgian soldiers and support of the international community, the Russian intervention could be stopped.

Russia continues to occupy Georgia`s territories - Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region - and to try to achieve recognition of independence of the territories from different countries, but still with no results.

188 civilians, 168 militants and 16 police officers of Georgia were killed in the August war in 2008.

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The WST publishes an article by the Georgian Minister of Justice

06.08.14 13:57

Georgia Isn`t Backsliding Into Authoritarianism - The Wall Street Journali has published an article by the Minister of Justice of Georgia, Tea Tsulukiani, which is a kind of responde to the July 30th article of the same newspaper entitled `What a Georgian Shame`.More...video clip 

Rasmussen accuses Russia of provoking conflicts since the collapse of communism

06.08.14 11:47

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen accuses Russia of provoking conflicts in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Rasmussen talked about the Russia`s policy towards the post-Soviet nations since the collapse of communism and the efforts of the Alliance to have normal relations with this country.More...video clip 

Constitutional court to consider Gelbakhiani`s complaint

06.08.14 10:35

The Constitutional Court of Georgia is starting to consider the complaint submitted by Valeri Gelbakhiani - a politician and the ally of the late tycoon Badri Patarkatsishvili, who thinks that his constitutional rights and some articles of the European Convention ...More...video clip 

Former senior law enforcer denies connection to Gelashvili`s case

05.08.14 16:42

One of the defendants in the case of the assault on Valeri Gelashvili, which was announced solved by the office of the prosecutor today, denies any connection to this crime. Valeri Gelashvili was assaulted and brutally beaten up by masked gunmen in 2005. More...video clip 

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NGO sector disapproves Prime Minister`s criticism

05.08.14 11:38

Non-governmental organizations and political experts disapprove the statement of the Prime Minister of Georgia - Irakli Gharibashvili accused a part of the Georgian NGO sector and media of bias and partiality.More...video clip 

Annual ambassadorial continues

05.08.14 11:09

The annual meeting of the Heads of Georgia`s Diplomatic Mission continues - the event was opened on the 4th of August in the Courtyard Marriott hotel in Tbilisi and will last until 7th of August. Today, the heads of the Georgian diplomatic missions abroad are meeting with the high-rank officials...More...video clip 

Saakashvili`s defense preparing for Strasburg Court

05.08.14 10:15

The attorneys of the ex-president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili are in fact preparing to continue legal procedures at the European Court of Human Rights - the defense is currently waiting for the ruling of the Appeals...More...video clip 

President`s office remains in Avlabari residence

04.08.14 17:32

The President of Georgia will continue to work in the Presidential Palace in Avlabari - Giorgi Margvelashvili says he is not aware of the future of the residence on the Atoneli Street, which was intended for the President`s Administration earlier. More...video clip 

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