Wednesday, 30.07.14
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The twelfth season of Profile begins!

The first most rated, non-political talk show in renewed format:
Plenty of experiments and shocking provocations!

New trend, new style, new image;
renewed studio and music;
new heroes and their stories;
meeting time is unchanged - For the whole 6 years Thursday evening is our time!

For the whole 6 years Profile - is your show!

We are ready to meet you!

You can contact us on the following telephone number: +995 32 2 205 330
or e-mail


Profile - 24.07.14

Betrayal video clip

Profile - 17.07.17

The Lost video clip

Profile - 03.07.14

Fathers and children. Pairs video clip

Profile - 26.06.14

Mersi Sulkhanishvili; Givi Sikharulidze; Taxi video clip

Profile - 19.06.14

Save Eter Kakulia. X Factor video clip

Profile - 12.06.14

Mothers and Children. Guests: Ia and Nino Ninidzes; Manana Kazakova with Tinatin; Tiko Sadunishvili and her son; Sopho Saakashvili and Maya Karkarashvili; Tea Gobejishvili with Nika; Salome Tetiashvili and her mother; Maka Zambakhidze and Salome Chitadze video clip

Profile - 05.06.14

Stand for Life video clip

Profile - 29.05.14

15 minutes of popularity; Ramazo Roma; duet Amsterdam video clip

Profile - 22.05.14

Weddings video clip

Profile - 15.05.14

My Wife`s Friends. Nika Melia. Anri Jokhadze video clip

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